Dug this one out to work on Monday after I finished the snowman. I have the wings done now and am working on the wand. I’m rather stumped on what I want to do with the wand handle as I don’t like anything I’ve tried so far, I will probably pad it and satin stitch it with DMC floss or something simular. Then I have to work on getting those snowflakes done so I can put the back ground in.

Thank you to everyone for your comments on my snowman! I’m very excited to see him complete. Now is the dilema of do I want to finish him myself or send him off and pay a finisher to do the work… decisions decisions. I have the Ultimate Big Book of Finishing which has the “how to” for doing it but I’m not so much trusting myself working with a canvas like this. I usually work with my linen pieces myself which is much easier to work with. We’ll see…


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