Here we go again. I’ve finally finished going through my stash and getting it all organized and here I find 2 more UFO’s! The pig I purchased in 1994 on a trip to New Orleans. I started some of the stitching on his ears and he was put away never to see the light again, until now that is. I’m not sure what the count is on this canvas, pretty large compared to most of the canvases I have, but I’ve got all the pearl cotton to stitch him.

Thisbee’s Needleroll was another of my brilliant ideas. I have a darning basket from Longaberger and while at a friends house I saw how she had stitched the band from Hillside Samplings for it and then filled it with needlerolls. It looked so cute! I have several patterns to accomplish this but you can see what a speedy job I’m doing on this one as well. At the very least I need to get a move on and finish this one. You can see how big it “isn’t” so I don’t even have a bad excuse here. Thank goodness for that week off I have at Thanksgiving. I can take out all these little projects and hopefully finish a few of them. đŸ™‚


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