The Joy of Fall

Now just what is it with fall anyway. I spend half a day out in the yard cleaning up all the leaves, only to come back an hour later to a yard full of them again… I wake up the next morning and its like I was never out there. Then the other night I was outside and I realized how only a few trees could make such a complete mess. MUTANT TREES! There can be no other explanation hehehe This is an oak leaf I found on the deck, now how many oak leafs have you seen that could actually be used for a Halloween costume in lieu of a fig leaf. Bert and Ernie my bunnie slippers were kind enough to pose in this shot so you could see how big these things are (mind you they dont look like this ON the tree) And yes Bert and Ernie are very old so be nice to them. I’d get a new pair but the stupid company that makes them doesn’t make them anymore and these are my favorite so hush 🙂


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