Happy Dance

Can you tell I’m having fun finishing all these little projects? I finished this one on Sunday and got it added to the needleroll basket. I can’t wait to have it filled with needlerolls 😉 I also have my new nametag almost completed, I ran into a slight problem, like I failed to count properly. My name is done with 1 thread over 1 linen thread and I made the I too short which then made the M too short and I got to the B and realized this so I have to go back and tear it out, sigh. Otherwise nothing of stitching excitement happened this weekend. I haven’t had the motivation to work on any of my large projects as I kept starting these little ones and finishing them in short order. I hope to get my Winter Queen back on her stand sometime this week and get more work done on her.

My blackwork class date has also been set. Its going to be on Saturday March 4th so that should be fun. I know the technique but begining and ending threads has always been a challenge for me.


6 thoughts on “Happy Dance”

  1. Nice job on your needleroll! I'm right there with you on the small projects vs. bigger ones. It's difficult for me to stitch on a bigger project when I can have the satisfaction of finishing something smaller 🙂

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