Black and White

This is my project from my Blackwork class on Saturday. The teacher, is a member of my EGA chapter, she was a bit unsure on the accuracy of the directions so she had a group of us over as a test class to have us stitch the piece and see if there were infact other errors she had missed in the charts. I am almost halfway done right now and its been pretty good, only a few small things, definately not something for someone with no clue how to do blackwork to take up as a couple of them weren’t so easy to catch. I hopefully will have this done this week so I can get back to her with anything else I might find, then the matter will be in the finishing. I was actually thinking this would look fabulous as a bell pull, no frame at all. This is my first true blackwork piece even though there has been a lot of it in the Indigo Rose pieces I’ve done. And for the most part this one is reversible with a few exceptions. There is no way to make the queen stitches that are in the flowers reversible and the same with the alphabet. I will take a photo of the back as well when its done to show you, I’m rather excited its turning out as well as it is.


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