Finished… mostly ;)

Here is my “Still Stitching Pocket” Finished, for the most part. I have yet to find a ring for the closure that I like so that still obviously isn’t here but its all sewn so I’m calling it done until I find a ring. The ring should attach to the flap with a ribbon attached to the main part of the pocket to tie it closed. For now I have it pressed pretty well and that seems to be working, as I have no plans to actually use it all should be fine.

There was intended to be a bit more stitching here. Still Stitching and my name and the date were supposed to go along the bottom edge on the back but I put part of it in and hated how it looked so I ripped it all out and left it as is.

I got a bit more work done on Winter Queen last night as well but its mostly the white and not too much of it so I’m not posting a pic of her right now. As I work down I’ve hit a huge section of white which I hope to get through in the next few days so I can add some color and you’ll be able to see the stitching.


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