A Non-Stitching Weekend

I am happy to say I’ve finally gotten myself a pup of my own 🙂 This is Indiana, he’s 4 and I got him from a rescue in Indiana. He had a different name *cough* but since he wasn’t answering to it and I didn’t like it we kinda changed it 🙂 Here he is being the ferocious doxie that he is trying to grrr the blanket into submission!

I really did do some stitching, on the way down to pick him up I finished the lady bug from my Bent Creek mini’s but I forgot to take a picture, I was a little distracted. Can you imagine why? 🙂 Hope you all had great weekends!


8 thoughts on “A Non-Stitching Weekend”

  1. Your pup is so cute! I just got one a little over a week ago! I love mine to death! She is already SOOOO spoiled. Have fun with your little fur baby!~Lana~

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