So there I was Sunday evening thinking – I should finish up the Black and White Sampler, there isn’t much left to do. Can you say Brain Fade? I got the bottom pointed like I wanted and attached it to the bell pull bar, even found some ribbon to hang it from. Then as I load the photo on to the computer I look at it thinking, something just isn’t right here. Well no, someone *looks around innocently* forgot the HEMSTITCHING! ACK! Very nice move on my part LOL, now I’ll have to tear those 2 seams out and do it right this time.

Other than that I got a bit of work in on my Winter Queen but not enough to bother taking a photo to post. It was sunny and HOT this weekend so I was out enjoying the weather. Then when I had enough we went and hid inside to see Pirates of the Carribean which I was extremely disappointed in, but I won’t even get started on that rant 🙂 Hope you all had nice weekends 🙂


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