Coronation Progress

This is turning out to be an extremely fun ornament to stitch up. The stitch guide that came with it is very nicely diagramed so all of these decorative stitches are quite easy to work. Right now I’m in the midst of couching to fill in between the outer border and the diamond of sprat’s heads on the inside. Unfortunately my photograph doesn’t show color alot better than the pattern shot did, I was in a rush this morning taking this photo and then got interrupted a dozen times so I never went back to make sure I would be happy with the photo.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped in and left comments, its always nice to know someone really is reading what I’m up to over here even when I’m not happy with anything I’m stitchcing. Hope everyone has a great weekend~


3 thoughts on “Coronation Progress”

  1. Great start Kali – I can't wait to see how it comes out in the end. I have a question – does needlepoint have to be done on stretcher bars? (If that is what your fabric is attached to, is it?)

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