Twinkle Pig

Twinkle Pig! I finally finished her up last evening and now, unless I come up with a better idea, she’s destined to be a pillow. πŸ™‚

This piece was a group effort for picking stitches and fibers. I took an embellishment class a while back from Kathy Fenchel who designed Gloves and Kisses and she came up with some of the elements. Unfortunately not all of them which is part of why she’s been unfinished so long. I started at this canvas a good long while and finally came up with how I wanted to do the hat and wand and I’m quite happy with the finished piece.

Here is a closeup of some of the stitching I took which also served to point out to me I had missed some background. You can also see a bit more that doesn’t show on the larger picture like the beads that are the fairy dust.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken a minute to check out the stash I am parting with. I have a few things heading off in the mail this week πŸ™‚ What’s left I am taking to my EGA meeting in October where everyone else will be bringing in the same to sell. If you missed it there’s a link on the right to what I have to sell.


6 thoughts on “Twinkle Pig”

  1. Beautifully done! I know this took you quite some time, but I think you did a fantastic job. I hope that you feel it was worth the effort, because I do. πŸ™‚

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