More Beads :)

It all started with my aunt producing this item out of her bag. A scissor chatelaine to keep track of her scissors while we were at the ANG meeting. That was the same day we headed to the bead store after and I came upon a few of the discs that hold the 2 chains together and just couldn’t resist.

Now, mind you, I changed a few things as I couldn’t find all the exact beads but I’m extremely happy with the finished product. I made mine a bit longer as I occasionally have my hair up and I didn’t want to chance it getting caught on my hair and being a problem.

Here is a close up of the center disc so you can see the colors of it, the previous shot is a bit drab.

As long as I had all my beading tools out I did some re-assembly on these two scissor fobs. I made them both from kits but the kits came with nymo thread that just didn’t hold up with regular use (and abuse) of my scissors.


6 thoughts on “More Beads :)”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your fobs are gorgeous. Something else new to me…… first linen, now fobs – gotta catch up with the times.

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