A Beading We Will go…

One of my favorite Bead stores was having a sale this past weekend so I headed out to get some beads for the other 3 scissor chatelaines. Some of these beads were from the stash and a few were from the 1st one I’ve made.

That will be enough bead buying for now I think 😉 I am starting effective Monday on my goal to finish 50 projects before I buy new stash which I’m sure I will fail at but its a nice thought.
Thank you everyone for all your comments on my finishes. No Jenna I have no intention of letting them have any more of my finishing, not if I can at all help it. Monday I sat and was stitching on my Red Hat Lady with threads obviously not purchased from them, and another stitcher appeared with a finished piece not done by their shop (she also had a bad experience, it took 2 months and she got her work back unfinished) so you think they would get the hint that they’re not doing something right but all the owner could say was to point out she had found better soy thread in Arizona when she was there. She also made it a point to tell us she was going to have my regular finisher start doing finishing for the shop. Hello?? With what they charged me for my bag I shudder at what I know the markup will be if I let THEM mail my finishing to the same place I could send it myself. The only advantage is my finisher being independent doesn’t accept anything but checks. I certainly hope they see what their poor way of doing business is causing to happen or soon that shop will cease to be.


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