What the Hell??

Now let me start off by saying, I live in the “city”. Mind you its not New York city but its not small either. The average home lot in this area is 80×40 if I remember correctly. We are lucky enough to have 3 1/2 lots so we can’t reach out or windows and shake hands with the neighbors. The closest to wooded we have is a small area about the size of a city block that has miraculously avoided the developers, for whatever reason. Not the sort of place you expect to see much more than squirrels and rabbits. Once, about 10 years ago we saw a deer… of course when we told people no one believed us. A few months later a turkey came wandering into the yard. That time I ran for the camera and even though it was dark you could see it. We still see the turkey on the occasion but nothing else too unusual. So you can imagine my surprise this morning when as I am sitting here at my computer, reading mail I hear the word “deer” clearly among a bunch of garble from upstairs. I grab the camera and run and find this….

Now, I took this at 8am but it was overcast and trying to rain so there was just no getting a “good” shot but there are 3 of them, 2 doe and a fawn in the back yard staring at the fence, probably asking each other “what the hell?” I had to take a few steps off the deck to get this shot and they were not so impressed with my presence, no big shocker there. One doe, immediately leaps the fence you see from where she was standing. The other doe and the fawn dart to the far corner of the yard with the doe leaping the chain link thats on the other side. The poor fawn, however; couldn’t jump so well so I had one very unhappy fawn trapped in the yard.

I tried to sneak around and open the gate for him but he took my movement as an opportunity to bolt. Off they ran, probably back into the woods. The End… ok that was lame but that was the end of the story. After that I had to run like mad to make it to my nephew’s football game which was outstanding! They won again 26 to 18 🙂


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