Needlework In Progress

My current WIPs.  I’ve decided I no longer have a good excuse for UFO’s after having to completely reorganize my stash with adding in everything from my mom and my aunt, I’ve included all of them.

As a result of the influx of stash from my mom and my aunt some stash is looking for a new home. Check the Etsy link on the right sidebar

Halloween Fairy – Mirabilia
Blackwork Fantasy Garden – Ink Circles
Linen Band Sampler – Cross N Patch
A Tribute to Vincent – Gail Carolyn Sirna – The Stitching Studio
Bittersweet – Jane Nicholas Stumpwork on silk
Twister – Patricia Spencer
Sew Tote-ly Lovely – Janice Love
Sew Tote-ly Lovely – Janice Love (2)
Czarina – Jim Wurth – Dodecagons
Who's idea was it to stitch 1 thread over 1?
Quaker Needlework Treasures – With My Needle
An October Box – Cherished Stitches
Sampler of Stitches (A-Z) – The Drawn Thread
Violet Needle Roll – Shepherd’s Bush
Stumpwork – Jane Nicholas
Folded Cross Needlebook
Old Italian Sewing Set
Fair Charlotte Pyn Purse and Accessories

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