Each year at my EGA Christmas Party we get a favor that’s been made by the committee following a strawberry theme. They got the idea from an old issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework that had a Strawberry Sewing Kit.

This is this what we received this past christmas, the small berry is a thimble holder and the large one is meant to be made into a reticule to hold all my strawberry things. 🙂 WE have to do a bit of the work this year, my project before the October meeting is to sew gold beads on for the strawberry seeds and one of the members is going to teach us how to assemble it. I’m not terribly excited about sewing in all honesty but its a strawberry, and I might just like them a little.

This is MOST of my berry things. These official “theme” of my accessories is Strawberries and Fairies… they started it with the small strawberry bag I got the first year I joined. LOL! The basket is my adaptation of the Hillside Samplings Sewing basket and it just went downhill from there 🙂 Then I found the strawberry FABRIC! I love this fabric, I think I still have 4 yards of it somewhere in the house, so I made the project pack and my mom had one of the ladies who is on good terms with her sewing machine make me the large bag in the back for my birthday a few years back. I just got my hands on a copy of the Sampler and Antique Needlework that Milady’s Reticule is in so I’m hoping to at some point make the few pieces that I am missing from the collection as they didn’t make all of them, just the ones that were fairly simple and could be made quickly as they were making 30+ of them every year.

I almost forgot! K in Kentucky you left me a comment asking about Indiana. He is indeed a dachshund 😉 I adopted him the day before Mother’s day this year. He is without a doubt completely spoiled and he rules the house here.

I Love Road Trips

Stash Enhancement…. Oh what fun we had with our trip to Homestead yesterday 🙂 I managed to resist the urge to buy any painted canvases and stick to mostly fibers like I had planned.

First we have my red Lee purse canvas. They had a new fiber called Soy Luster that I’m going to use on the hat and I got some overdye from Sampler Threads to do her hair, I’m not making her a blonde, I’m not a blonde so I figured I’d make her hair a bit more like mine 😉 Also some Needle Necessities for the background which should look fabulous.

These are 2 other Lee inserts. The rectangle goes into a small clutch and the round one is for a jewelry case. This one, with the exception of the background is going to be done in all Soy Luster with a wrapped backstitch in Kreinik gold for the outlining. The Mandarin floss is fabulous if you’ve never tried it. It is made from bamboo and has a nice sheen, simular to Splendor from Rainbow Gallery but it is much nicer to work with. I’ve had a couple bad experiences with Splendor so now I tend to avoid it.

Ahhh wool 🙂 I bought A-Z of Crewel Embroidery a few weeks back and have been dying to try one of the projects. I finally settled on this one which I am going to stitch onto a cream damask fabric, eventually making a pillow out of it. I’ve never personally worked with these Appleton Crewel wools so we’ll see how this goes.

And last but not least, I did get one new design. Crown of Hearts was hanging on a wall and I just couldn’t resist 🙂 I love Jean Hilton designs and this one is a nice small one so it should be a quick stitch.

Now no trip to the LNS would be complete with out some new tool 😉 I picked up a cool set of bullion needles as I’m likely to use some bullions on the Lady in the red hat and I got these cool scissors! These are the tinest, most intricate pair of scissors I have ever seen. These should work well for trimming fibers when doing hardanger.

Stitching Finished

I finished up the stitching portion of Strawberries so Faire this weekend, now for the fun part, assembly. At some point here I’ll get myself out to the fabric store and get the fabrics so I can get going on it. It doesn’t look to challenging actually, the worst will be that its lined with silk, I am not a fan of sewing with silk. This is another thing I’m debating on sending off to the finisher LOL

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend… my extended weekend will continue tomorrow with a trip to Homestead Needlearts where hopefully I will find the ultimate threads for a few projects that I can share 🙂

Needleroll HD

I pulled this one mid last week to take along and work on during lunch. I just can’t seem to get in to finishing the Bent Creek pieces I have going so instead of just not stitching I started this. I opted to not do the knots that are supposed to make up the bee, he is simply cross stitch.

I’ll not likely be posting again until next week as I’m heading out of town for the weekend. Then on Tuesday we are all taking a bit of a road trip to Homestead Needlearts for some threads. Hopefully I’ll have a nice haul to share 🙂

More Beads :)

It all started with my aunt producing this item out of her bag. A scissor chatelaine to keep track of her scissors while we were at the ANG meeting. That was the same day we headed to the bead store after and I came upon a few of the discs that hold the 2 chains together and just couldn’t resist.

Now, mind you, I changed a few things as I couldn’t find all the exact beads but I’m extremely happy with the finished product. I made mine a bit longer as I occasionally have my hair up and I didn’t want to chance it getting caught on my hair and being a problem.

Here is a close up of the center disc so you can see the colors of it, the previous shot is a bit drab.

As long as I had all my beading tools out I did some re-assembly on these two scissor fobs. I made them both from kits but the kits came with nymo thread that just didn’t hold up with regular use (and abuse) of my scissors.

More Progress with Twister

My Deluxe Book Stand arrived yesterday. Here is my new and improved view when working on my stand. Project front and center and the book stand, as you can see, has a chart holder as well as a pin cushion and places to hold tools and hang thread. This makes having everything I need within reach to get stitching done MUCH easier. There are always things “in the way” to prevent that of course, like this…

Really now, how does the pup really expect me to get anything done when he insists on laying directly under the canvas and getting himself tangled in my working thread? LOL

Here is my progress on the newly started square so far, despite canine interruption 😉

My bag, needless to mention as you obviously haven’t seen a photo and me bouncing around about it, was NOT done. As we arrived in the shop I spotted it out on the counter with my finished stitching but they hadn’t even started it. Then the one who does the finishing left minutes after we arrived so I won’t be seeing it for a while now. Next Monday is labor day and the following Monday they will both be out of town so there will be no stitching again. To say I’m upset about this would be an understatement. Its not anything complicated, cut the congress cloth to size, remove the adhesive backing in the opening on the purse, insert stitching and weight it to ensure good adhesion. I could well have done it myself but I chose to let them do it as this piece was on congress cloth which isn’t’ as easy to ensure a good fit. The canvas designs that were made for the bag all come cut to size so you can’t screw them up. I’m thinking its time to scout out a new shop to do the blocking for me when I’m finished with Twister. I was hoping to use my new bag this weekend as I’m going away overnight and the bag is the perfect size, I may still give them a call on Wednesday and see how its coming along. This is something this shop has done before and I know about it so I guess I should have known better, ahh well… Ok enough ranting for now

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