Ring of Flowers

This is my first stumpwork piece. My mom, aunt and I attended EGA National in 2000 and took a cladd with Jane Nicholas to learn  this more traditional  technique.

What a rough time that was, going back to the hotel after class and sitting on the patio of our room and stitching.  The hotel was near Disney so we stayed in one of their resorts and the patio of our room looked out over the golf course and a small lake that served as a water hazard, a beautiful setting and worth every bit we paid for it. We attended the year prior and had a “standard” room, it was not easy to get any stitching done when closed in hotel room.

The pink flowers here are padded to add dimension while the pansy’s and snow drops were stitching on a separate piece of fabric and have wire stitched along the edge that are then attached to the main fabric.  Using the wire and the padding really adds to the visual of the finished work without the need of extra shading with thread to add that dimension so I loved that aspect, the fine work of embroidery is still not number 1 on my list just due to the amount of work involved.

My Sewing Basket

A Longaberger basket with a band designed by Hillside Samplings and customized just because. I didn’t like the subdued color scheme nor was I much into the flowers that were on the original design. I did however have a nice collection of strawberry themed items thanks to my EGA Chapter so I went with that and I’m a big fan of matching.  If I excel at nothing else with my needlework its making and collecting accessories to make stitching that I often don’t have time for, more fun.

An occasionally crafty, supposed grown up, plant killing dachshund wrangler living in the pacific northwest