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A Small Finish and More Progress

First the finish. No, not a major one but a finish just the same. This is the scissor chatelaine I made for mom. Mostly a black and white design with the only other color being added on the circular beads on the scissor tail on the bottom. This one was a bit of trial and error as I couldn’t find the same beads I had used on mine for the whole thing so I’ve had to substitute a few different things in to make it work.

Seccond we have the progress on the Red Hat Lady. This, sadly, is the best of 6 photos I took of her, I can’t seem to get the fabulous effect of the dark over dyed thread to show no matter what I do. Next time I will have to try a scan and see if it will show up that way. The effect is quite cool, this is one of Soy Lusters “Shadows” colors so its got variation of the color within the strand to give the effect of shading, add to that the fact that I can’t get 2 strands that are the same and I’m stitching with 2 strands and its making a rather unusual effect.

And I just couldn’t resist lasta night, I had to start Mojave. I think the colors in it are fabulous and I want to make sure to keep up with the series so its been mounted onto stretcher bars and I’m working on the border, I should have enough progress by Monday to post.

A Beading We Will go…

One of my favorite Bead stores was having a sale this past weekend so I headed out to get some beads for the other 3 scissor chatelaines. Some of these beads were from the stash and a few were from the 1st one I’ve made.

That will be enough bead buying for now I think 😉 I am starting effective Monday on my goal to finish 50 projects before I buy new stash which I’m sure I will fail at but its a nice thought.
Thank you everyone for all your comments on my finishes. No Jenna I have no intention of letting them have any more of my finishing, not if I can at all help it. Monday I sat and was stitching on my Red Hat Lady with threads obviously not purchased from them, and another stitcher appeared with a finished piece not done by their shop (she also had a bad experience, it took 2 months and she got her work back unfinished) so you think they would get the hint that they’re not doing something right but all the owner could say was to point out she had found better soy thread in Arizona when she was there. She also made it a point to tell us she was going to have my regular finisher start doing finishing for the shop. Hello?? With what they charged me for my bag I shudder at what I know the markup will be if I let THEM mail my finishing to the same place I could send it myself. The only advantage is my finisher being independent doesn’t accept anything but checks. I certainly hope they see what their poor way of doing business is causing to happen or soon that shop will cease to be.

More Beads :)

It all started with my aunt producing this item out of her bag. A scissor chatelaine to keep track of her scissors while we were at the ANG meeting. That was the same day we headed to the bead store after and I came upon a few of the discs that hold the 2 chains together and just couldn’t resist.

Now, mind you, I changed a few things as I couldn’t find all the exact beads but I’m extremely happy with the finished product. I made mine a bit longer as I occasionally have my hair up and I didn’t want to chance it getting caught on my hair and being a problem.

Here is a close up of the center disc so you can see the colors of it, the previous shot is a bit drab.

As long as I had all my beading tools out I did some re-assembly on these two scissor fobs. I made them both from kits but the kits came with nymo thread that just didn’t hold up with regular use (and abuse) of my scissors.

Amulet Bag

I’d have titled this another happy dance but really I have no good excuse why I didn’t do this a while ago. I got the brilliant idea to make I-cord on my 0000 needles for a strap on this, which was a good idea in theory, until you have to knit 36 inches of I-cord on those bitty needles. So of course it got cast aside as I really wanted to do something different for the strap but couldn’t decide what and I completely hated the beads that came to embellish it. Last night I finally made the decision a twisted cord would work, I just made it thinner than most so it didn’t look too heavy with the bag. Overall very happy with this one! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for your comments on pig and for stopping by to visit me, helps keep me motivitated to get things done as I can’t wait to share them 🙂

Amber Bracelet


I found these beads in an assortment at Hobby Lobby. No I shouldn’t have been *in* the bead aisle to begin with but that’s beside the point. I have had this memory wire for a while and haven’t done anything with it so I finally decided it has been waiting for these beads. I also have my Rose Pincushion stitched, now I have to *gasp* finish it. Hopefully I’ll get to that sooner rather than later.