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A Small Finish and More Progress

First the finish. No, not a major one but a finish just the same. This is the scissor chatelaine I made for mom. Mostly a black and white design with the only other color being added on the circular beads on the scissor tail on the bottom. This one was a bit of trial and error as I couldn’t find the same beads I had used on mine for the whole thing so I’ve had to substitute a few different things in to make it work.

Seccond we have the progress on the Red Hat Lady. This, sadly, is the best of 6 photos I took of her, I can’t seem to get the fabulous effect of the dark over dyed thread to show no matter what I do. Next time I will have to try a scan and see if it will show up that way. The effect is quite cool, this is one of Soy Lusters “Shadows” colors so its got variation of the color within the strand to give the effect of shading, add to that the fact that I can’t get 2 strands that are the same and I’m stitching with 2 strands and its making a rather unusual effect.

And I just couldn’t resist lasta night, I had to start Mojave. I think the colors in it are fabulous and I want to make sure to keep up with the series so its been mounted onto stretcher bars and I’m working on the border, I should have enough progress by Monday to post.


FINALLY!! YAY 🙂 Before I start rattling on about the finishing I want to thank everyonen who’s come by and left comments, particularly on my Red Hat Lady, I was a bit unsure when starting with that stitch but I’m extremely happy with how it came out. Can’t wait to have her done! 🙂

They actually arrived on Friday but since the finisher sent them insured they needed to be signed for so I picked them up Monday morning at the Post Office. Twinkle pig is done with things I found at Hobby Lobby… isn’t the trim fun?? I found the fabric first and loved it because it had the same diagonal pattern I had in the background and at the same time brought out the yellow in her shirt. Now comes the dilemma of where to put her that Indiana won’t think its something to burrow in. I had it on the couch last night and he was up there trying to make a hole to nap in, EEKK!!

Coronation was done very simple. Its much bigger than I expected it to be for an ornament so I had it finished like the photo on the pattern with no trim, just a loop to hang it from the tree. Finished size came out 5″ x 5″. The back is red ultra suede, a favorite for trimming the back of ornaments for us. It is rather pricey but I can buy a 1/4 yard and use it for several ornaments so it doesn’t work out to be too bad and I like the look and durability vs regular fabric.

And at long last… Gloves and Kisses in its bag. This was a preassembled bag I got from Lee Needlearts. I love Lee bags, the red purse as well as the black clutch and jewelry case are from Lee as well. I picked this one as Gloves and Kisses with all its raised elements just didn’t seem like it would make a good every day purse so this will be an over night or stitching bag. Aside of the time it took the shop to get around to inserting the canvas I’m a bit bitter over the price they charged me. I paid less to have Twinkle Pig completely made into a pillow than I did for this. I will most definitely try to do the Red Hat Lady myself if at all possible.


Each year at my EGA Christmas Party we get a favor that’s been made by the committee following a strawberry theme. They got the idea from an old issue of Sampler and Antique Needlework that had a Strawberry Sewing Kit.

This is this what we received this past christmas, the small berry is a thimble holder and the large one is meant to be made into a reticule to hold all my strawberry things. 🙂 WE have to do a bit of the work this year, my project before the October meeting is to sew gold beads on for the strawberry seeds and one of the members is going to teach us how to assemble it. I’m not terribly excited about sewing in all honesty but its a strawberry, and I might just like them a little.

This is MOST of my berry things. These official “theme” of my accessories is Strawberries and Fairies… they started it with the small strawberry bag I got the first year I joined. LOL! The basket is my adaptation of the Hillside Samplings Sewing basket and it just went downhill from there 🙂 Then I found the strawberry FABRIC! I love this fabric, I think I still have 4 yards of it somewhere in the house, so I made the project pack and my mom had one of the ladies who is on good terms with her sewing machine make me the large bag in the back for my birthday a few years back. I just got my hands on a copy of the Sampler and Antique Needlework that Milady’s Reticule is in so I’m hoping to at some point make the few pieces that I am missing from the collection as they didn’t make all of them, just the ones that were fairly simple and could be made quickly as they were making 30+ of them every year.

I almost forgot! K in Kentucky you left me a comment asking about Indiana. He is indeed a dachshund 😉 I adopted him the day before Mother’s day this year. He is without a doubt completely spoiled and he rules the house here.

Stitching Finished

I finished up the stitching portion of Strawberries so Faire this weekend, now for the fun part, assembly. At some point here I’ll get myself out to the fabric store and get the fabrics so I can get going on it. It doesn’t look to challenging actually, the worst will be that its lined with silk, I am not a fan of sewing with silk. This is another thing I’m debating on sending off to the finisher LOL

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend… my extended weekend will continue tomorrow with a trip to Homestead Needlearts where hopefully I will find the ultimate threads for a few projects that I can share 🙂

Needleroll HD

I pulled this one mid last week to take along and work on during lunch. I just can’t seem to get in to finishing the Bent Creek pieces I have going so instead of just not stitching I started this. I opted to not do the knots that are supposed to make up the bee, he is simply cross stitch.

I’ll not likely be posting again until next week as I’m heading out of town for the weekend. Then on Tuesday we are all taking a bit of a road trip to Homestead Needlearts for some threads. Hopefully I’ll have a nice haul to share 🙂

Twinkle Pig

Twinkle Pig! I finally finished her up last evening and now, unless I come up with a better idea, she’s destined to be a pillow. 🙂

This piece was a group effort for picking stitches and fibers. I took an embellishment class a while back from Kathy Fenchel who designed Gloves and Kisses and she came up with some of the elements. Unfortunately not all of them which is part of why she’s been unfinished so long. I started at this canvas a good long while and finally came up with how I wanted to do the hat and wand and I’m quite happy with the finished piece.

Here is a closeup of some of the stitching I took which also served to point out to me I had missed some background. You can also see a bit more that doesn’t show on the larger picture like the beads that are the fairy dust.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken a minute to check out the stash I am parting with. I have a few things heading off in the mail this week 🙂 What’s left I am taking to my EGA meeting in October where everyone else will be bringing in the same to sell. If you missed it there’s a link on the right to what I have to sell.