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Almost there…

Finished up her hair last night with only a small bit of thread to spare! I went through 2 skeins of GAST Nutmeg for the hair on her with 4 strands to spare. The end is near! LOL Honestly the rest of this will be easy, just a bit of a pain as her face is done in tent stitch and I haven’t a clue what to do with the eye there. There is so much happening with bits of color here and there that I’m just not quite sure. I’m going to pull an assortment of DMC and mess with it today and see if I can make it look like an eye when I’m finished. 🙂 I also like the look of the hair color much better than the blonde. The only reason I changed it as I wanted her hair color to be closer to mine and I haven’t been a real blonde since I was 5. I think this color balances a bit better with the other bright colors in the piece as well. I’m probably going to pull the Splendor silk I used on Twinkle pig for her face, there are a few nice lighter skin tones in that assortment that should work well on her face.

A small change on the template. I took my blogroll down because I was tired of this insanely long list of blogs wasting a whole sidebar. Ok wasting is not the *best* word but it was taking up a lot of space. I added the Google aggregator and love that, but I missed the list as there are times when I want to go back and look at something and if the blog isn’t updated its a pain so there is now a dropdown menu above the Google aggregator on the right side bar with the blogs from the aggregator. Yes there are too many of them 😉 But as the aggregator scans them all daily for new posts and does a pretty reliable job, its not like I’m sifting through them all and I can keep up with an insane number of blogs as I do enjoy seeing what everyone else is doing. Seeing many people doing the HAED projects has been my latest thing, I managed to track down the small freebie on the bulletin board yesterday and I’ve printed it to hopefully start on in the near future. If I can manage a 6×4″ piece perhaps I’ll consider something larger.

Thank you as always to everyone who visits and those who leave comments. I do love hearing what everyone thinks of what I’m doing. I am my worst critic and its always nice to hear an outside opinion that yeah, I am doing it right 🙂

A Small Finish and More Progress

First the finish. No, not a major one but a finish just the same. This is the scissor chatelaine I made for mom. Mostly a black and white design with the only other color being added on the circular beads on the scissor tail on the bottom. This one was a bit of trial and error as I couldn’t find the same beads I had used on mine for the whole thing so I’ve had to substitute a few different things in to make it work.

Seccond we have the progress on the Red Hat Lady. This, sadly, is the best of 6 photos I took of her, I can’t seem to get the fabulous effect of the dark over dyed thread to show no matter what I do. Next time I will have to try a scan and see if it will show up that way. The effect is quite cool, this is one of Soy Lusters “Shadows” colors so its got variation of the color within the strand to give the effect of shading, add to that the fact that I can’t get 2 strands that are the same and I’m stitching with 2 strands and its making a rather unusual effect.

And I just couldn’t resist lasta night, I had to start Mojave. I think the colors in it are fabulous and I want to make sure to keep up with the series so its been mounted onto stretcher bars and I’m working on the border, I should have enough progress by Monday to post.


FINALLY!! YAY 🙂 Before I start rattling on about the finishing I want to thank everyonen who’s come by and left comments, particularly on my Red Hat Lady, I was a bit unsure when starting with that stitch but I’m extremely happy with how it came out. Can’t wait to have her done! 🙂

They actually arrived on Friday but since the finisher sent them insured they needed to be signed for so I picked them up Monday morning at the Post Office. Twinkle pig is done with things I found at Hobby Lobby… isn’t the trim fun?? I found the fabric first and loved it because it had the same diagonal pattern I had in the background and at the same time brought out the yellow in her shirt. Now comes the dilemma of where to put her that Indiana won’t think its something to burrow in. I had it on the couch last night and he was up there trying to make a hole to nap in, EEKK!!

Coronation was done very simple. Its much bigger than I expected it to be for an ornament so I had it finished like the photo on the pattern with no trim, just a loop to hang it from the tree. Finished size came out 5″ x 5″. The back is red ultra suede, a favorite for trimming the back of ornaments for us. It is rather pricey but I can buy a 1/4 yard and use it for several ornaments so it doesn’t work out to be too bad and I like the look and durability vs regular fabric.

And at long last… Gloves and Kisses in its bag. This was a preassembled bag I got from Lee Needlearts. I love Lee bags, the red purse as well as the black clutch and jewelry case are from Lee as well. I picked this one as Gloves and Kisses with all its raised elements just didn’t seem like it would make a good every day purse so this will be an over night or stitching bag. Aside of the time it took the shop to get around to inserting the canvas I’m a bit bitter over the price they charged me. I paid less to have Twinkle Pig completely made into a pillow than I did for this. I will most definitely try to do the Red Hat Lady myself if at all possible.

More Progress with Twister

My Deluxe Book Stand arrived yesterday. Here is my new and improved view when working on my stand. Project front and center and the book stand, as you can see, has a chart holder as well as a pin cushion and places to hold tools and hang thread. This makes having everything I need within reach to get stitching done MUCH easier. There are always things “in the way” to prevent that of course, like this…

Really now, how does the pup really expect me to get anything done when he insists on laying directly under the canvas and getting himself tangled in my working thread? LOL

Here is my progress on the newly started square so far, despite canine interruption 😉

My bag, needless to mention as you obviously haven’t seen a photo and me bouncing around about it, was NOT done. As we arrived in the shop I spotted it out on the counter with my finished stitching but they hadn’t even started it. Then the one who does the finishing left minutes after we arrived so I won’t be seeing it for a while now. Next Monday is labor day and the following Monday they will both be out of town so there will be no stitching again. To say I’m upset about this would be an understatement. Its not anything complicated, cut the congress cloth to size, remove the adhesive backing in the opening on the purse, insert stitching and weight it to ensure good adhesion. I could well have done it myself but I chose to let them do it as this piece was on congress cloth which isn’t’ as easy to ensure a good fit. The canvas designs that were made for the bag all come cut to size so you can’t screw them up. I’m thinking its time to scout out a new shop to do the blocking for me when I’m finished with Twister. I was hoping to use my new bag this weekend as I’m going away overnight and the bag is the perfect size, I may still give them a call on Wednesday and see how its coming along. This is something this shop has done before and I know about it so I guess I should have known better, ahh well… Ok enough ranting for now

Twisting away…

2 squares down, 2 to go on Twister! Well, that and the border but I’m half way there with the hard part!

If you’ve never seen this one in a shop its a 87 page pattern. There are about 80 unique stitches and this piece tests your patience in compensating them as you are fitting them into these “wedges” Yes, that is masking tape you see on my canvas. I use it along the line of each wedge to help keep the shape as I am stitching otherwise I end up encroching on the next wedge too much in an attempt to avoid compensating as much as possible. The tape never spends enough time in any one place to actually cause any problems. My current plan is to leave this in the stand and work on it until its done or I can’t stand to look at it anymore, which ever comes first 😉 I’m hoping to alteast have another square done before I change big projects as I’d really enjoy not having to see this one in my WIP pile any more. Working on the stand should be increasingly easier very soon. I have a Gazelle 2 stand but its never fit my stretcher bars quite right. I called them yesterday and they are sending me an adapter to make that work that is now included with all stands and while I was at it I ordered the bookstand deluxe so I will have a stand for the charts to go on while I’m stitching instead of using the copy stand on the table like I currently do. If you are in the market for a stand I’d highly recommend this one. The base is offset so I can sit in my recliner and stitch with my feet up and when I need to get up I just rotate the stand a bit to get it out of the way. Hobby Lobby actually sells them (and you can get them 40% off with the internet coupon) but I wasn’t so impressed with their accessories as everything was seperate and by getting the deluxe model online I have one attachment that does everything. Hmmm.. I should get paid for that nice testimonial LOL I do love the stand though so I have been telling anyone I stitch with, if they’re in the market to definately check it out.

Thanks to everyone who took advantage of my stash reduction. Everything so far was mailed on Monday so you should be receiving it soon if you haven’t already. There is still alot of charts there if anyone is interested. Whatever is left come October I am taking with me to my EGA chapter meeting, they are having a “garage sale” then so I’m sure in addition to passing on all of the remaining designs I’ll wind up coming home with a few new ones.

Twinkle Pig

Twinkle Pig! I finally finished her up last evening and now, unless I come up with a better idea, she’s destined to be a pillow. 🙂

This piece was a group effort for picking stitches and fibers. I took an embellishment class a while back from Kathy Fenchel who designed Gloves and Kisses and she came up with some of the elements. Unfortunately not all of them which is part of why she’s been unfinished so long. I started at this canvas a good long while and finally came up with how I wanted to do the hat and wand and I’m quite happy with the finished piece.

Here is a closeup of some of the stitching I took which also served to point out to me I had missed some background. You can also see a bit more that doesn’t show on the larger picture like the beads that are the fairy dust.

Thanks to everyone who’s taken a minute to check out the stash I am parting with. I have a few things heading off in the mail this week 🙂 What’s left I am taking to my EGA meeting in October where everyone else will be bringing in the same to sell. If you missed it there’s a link on the right to what I have to sell.